Martin Woodhead, Paul Dornan and Helen Murray (2013) Equality in schooling

‘Initial analysis from Young Lives school-effectiveness research in Vietnam gives some evidence on the ability of a school system to bring children from disadvantaged backgrounds up to the level expected by its curricula. Children who did less well on a maths test at around 10 years old (disproportionately those from less advantaged backgrounds) made most progress (Rolleston 2012). One interpretation of these results links to the observation that Vietnamese teaching was focused on the class (as a whole) achieving to an acceptable level, rather than increasing the stretch of the most able individuals. Further the Vietnamese curricula appeared well suited to appropriately develop children’s ability, rather than being over-ambitious. It is also apparent that the qualification levels of teachers in poorer areas tend to be quite similar to those teaching in more advantaged areas, which is probably due to centralised teacher training system.’

Martin Woodhead, Paul Dornan and Helen Murray (2013) What inequality means for children: Evidence from Young Lives Link

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